Evening Rain, Cedar Mesa

Cedar Mesa sunset shower panorama.

Cedar Mesa sunset shower panorama.

Sunset colors–good ones–had been sorely lacking in these parts this spring. I’m not used to that. Not in the high desert, with all the clear air and clouds of an uncommonly wet springtime.

So when some rain showers approached in the evening, I thought it was worth another try. You never know what might happen. Never bet against sunset, that’s my motto. One of them.

So out at Maverick Point, with its splendid unobstructed view to the west, I once again set up the camera on tripod. A lovely rain curtain was falling toward distant Monument Valley, lit slightly golden by the low angle of the setting sun. A good start to the session.

Moss Back Butte and evening rain shower.

Moss Back Butte and evening rain shower.

Then another light gray rain curtain in between me and Moss Back Butte. I love to watch rain curtains in the distance. After a little while there was thunder, which meant I was in the danger zone for lightning. Me and my aluminum tripod. So after several more shots I retreated to the truck to watch the evening progress. Rain drops streaked down the passenger side window and the wind came up. See, I didn’t want to get my camera wet anyway. So much safer inside a vehicle when lightning might be about.

I drove up onto Maverick Point itself for a higher view. The sunset colors near the distant Henry Mountains was interesting. Not killer, but nice.

Henry Mountains sunset colors, from Cedar Mesa.

Henry Mountains sunset colors, from Cedar Mesa.

On the point was a new fire ring. Not the usual crude thing, but a work of art. Flat sandstone slivers made into a circular hearth. Another oblong rock across the top made it into a grill to cook a pot of stew on. It was new; I’d been back to this spot very recently. A very nice place to camp with a tent, not far from a parked vehicle.

Fire ring artwork on Photographer's Point.

Fire ring artwork on Photographer’s Point.

And I’ve dubbed this particular viewpoint on Maverick Point as Photographer’s Point. This is just between you and me, right?

Photo location: Cedar Mesa, San Juan County, Utah.

© 2015 Stephen J. Krieg

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