Grand Canyon Lodge Sun Porch Panorama

Grand Canyon Lodge Sun Porch Panorama

The North Rim of Grand Canyon is the remote, peaceful rim. Services are limited but quite adequate. At Grand Canyon Lodge, built on the very rim, the Sun Porch is the hangout spot, and where most first time visitors get their initial “wow” view of the Canyon.


Wotans Throne Sunrise Panorama, Grand Canyon

Wotans Throne Sunrise Panorama, Grand Canyon

Moonset of the Full Moon at dawn, Wotans Throne temple (butte formation) at Cape Royal on the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. “Special effects” provided by nature: the Earth’s shadow and the Venus Band on the horizon.

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Sun Porch View, Grand Canyon Lodge

Sun Porch View, Grand Canyon Lodge

Grand Canyon Lodge on the North Rim is built right on the edge, unlike the lodges on the South Rim. The Sun Porch, just outside the Sun Room, is the outdoor hub of the village, where visitors relax with drinks and food and listen to interpretive programs by the National Park Service Rangers.