Mill That Sunset Wind

Windmill and sunset colors, Chino Valley, Arizona

Windmill and sunset colors, Chino Valley, Arizona

It was a surprising early autumn day here in the central Arizona highlands. The monsoon thunderstorm season had passed, and we were back to low humidity, sunny days, clear nights. Beautiful.

But a few days ago, the morning started like before. Not a cloud in the sky. Sun, blue sky.

At noon, just a few small cumulus clouds. Like, three of them. So what?

Late afternoon: lots of clouds. Oh, if this continues, could be a special sunset.

And on the way home, I veered off on a favorite side road that I knew had this windmill to accent what was coming.



Moonrise over Woodchute Mountain, Arizona

The rise of the Harvest Moon. It had reached 100% illumination just past 4 AM, so it was already slightly on the wane this evening.

Not that one could tell. At least I couldn’t. Didn’t want to. I stood at the east fence, camera on tripod in the sweet September dusk. The Earth’s shadow, with its lovely color gradations, was fading to all dark blue.

Then the orb appeared. Over Woodchute Mountain, beaming brightly. I stood and stood, watching.