Till The Last Leaf Falls

Frosty red aspen leaf, Kaibab National Forest.

Frosty fallen red quaking aspen leaf, Kaibab National Forest.

And the last aspen leaf has fallen up on the Kaibab Plateau near the North Rim of Grand Canyon. No, I’m not claiming this one was the very last one. But they were all down last week, except for a few isolated late colors. Another autumn over with, up that high (8,000 to 9,000 feet in elevation).

Season Ending Fall Colors Glory

[Photo: aspen tree crowns, Grand Canyon North Rim]

Aspen crowns, Grand Canyon North Rim

The end of the season at the North Rim of Grand Canyon. A perfect fall, perfect weather for the aspen colors. It’s been a great five months here, and to be living here from when the leaves first came out in May until the peak colors and leaf drop now has been quite satisfying.

The aspen colors up here are now past their peak overall, but there are still lots of lovely colors, in the late turning grovesĀ  of trees, and even individual trees. When set against the trademark Arizona clear blue sky, the aspen golds are even more brilliant.

Onward for this mountain man.