Mesa Verde North Rim, Early Spring

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado - North Rim after snowfall.

North Rim, Mesa Verde after early springtime snowfall.

Late March in southwest Colorado means very varying weather. Sunshine, warming earth, high country snows melting and swelling the creeks and rivers with cold, silt-laden runoff.

Also occasional late cold fronts, with snow.

The other morning I had to drive back up into Mesa Verde National Park to go to work. I had been following the weather forecasts and had left extra early. The highways down in the Montezuma Valley (6,200 feet elevation) had been cleared by the highway crews. But when you start up into the park, the road rising to a high point of 8,572 feet at Park Point, then down to 7,000 feet at the main services around the Museum on Chapin Mesa, it’s a different world.

Mesa Verde National Park, Montezuma Valley Overlook, springtime snow.

Montezuma Valley Overlook, springtime snowfall.

On this morning, a slippery highway. The snow plows were out at 7AM, heading out toward the park entrance. No one else on the road this early in the day and this early in the season.

As daylight grew, I was able to pull off and take some quick photos. Especially because in a few hours the sun would have changed the snowy scene dramatically.

Photo location: Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado.

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© Copyright 2017 Stephen J. Krieg


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