Winter Deer Feeding

Winter in southeast Utah at 7,000 feet and the mule deer are down from the high country onto their winter range.  They are browsing on sagebrush and other shrub species, grasses and forbs.

It’s long past hunting season, so they are infinitely more relaxed than during the fall season. Thus a group of them are not overly concerned as I stop my vehicle on the lightly used county road to see if I can get some decent shots right from the vehicle as the evening light is quickly failing.

A mature doe and her two young ones from the previous spring are browsing the vegetation. They were fawns last spring, won’t be a year old until April or May, so are experiencing their first winter following their mother around.

It’s a light wet snow falling, so their coats look wet. But since the main part of their “fur” consists of hollow hairs, each hair is a little bit of trapped air–natural insulation.

Photo location: Manti-La Sal National Monument, near Monticello, Utah.

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© Copyright 2017 Stephen J. Krieg


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