January Sunrise on the Abajo Mountains

The just-risen sun lights up the Abajo Mountains with a pink glow in January, near Monticello, Utah.

January sunrise colors on the Abajo Mountains near Monticello, Utah.

January brings cold but beautiful mornings at the lake. Sometimes it’s frozen over completely, other times part of it reopens for a while, depending on the direction of the wind and how cold the temperature has been overnight.

Snow continues to cover the front peaks of the Abajo Mountains as seen from Monticello: South Peak, Abajo Peak, Horsehead Peak.

The other morning the temperature was near the single digits Fahrenheit, but there was no wind. The center of the lake had refrozen with a skim of clear ice. It was overcast except for a slot near the southeast horizon over Colorado, letting the just-risen sun through to light up the Abajos with a rosy glow. The clear ice, without a coating of snow, served as a nice mirror for the reflection of the snow capped mountain peaks.

Photo location: San Juan County, southeast Utah.

© Copyright 2017 Stephen J. Krieg

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