Book Cliffs and Interstate 70, eastern Utah.

Hanksville to Thompson Springs, Utah

Henry Mountains, from Hanksville, Utah.

The Henry Mountains, from Hanksville, Utah.

I stopped in Hanksville, Utah to refuel. Both the gasoline tank and the stomach, the latter at Stan’s Burger Shak. The Henry Mountains were still shining with a nice snowpack.

The day was growing late. Onward. East (actually northeast) on Utah Highway 24 to Interstate 70.

The San Rafael Reef under rain clouds, from Utah Highway 24.

Rain clouds over the San Rafael Reef.

UT-24 in this long, 45 mile stretch mostly parallels the San Rafael Reef, a geologic picket line of jagged upthrust rock. The light was wonderful, but I didn’t have time to swing westward to shoot there.


Painted desert cliff formation just east of the San Rafael River, Hwy. 24 near I-70.

Sunset time was approaching as I sped eastward on Interstate 70, where the speed limit in Utah is 80 MPH, 75 on the Colorado side of the state line.

La Sal Mountains from Interstate 70 in Utah.

The La Sal Mountains from I-70.

To the southeast the La Sal Mountains were being teased by rain or snow clouds.

Book Cliffs and Mancos Shale hills, Interstate 70, eastern Utah.

The Book Cliffs and Mancos Shale hills along I-70.

To the north of the Interstate the Book Cliffs predominate the view.

Book Cliffs, Interstate 70, eastern Utah.

Book cliffs in cloud shadow shortly before sunset.

As the evening shadows grew longer, I made use of some of the exits that access nothing more than lonely ranch roads. “No Services” means no town, not even a convenience store. But they are handy for pulling off the Interstate to photograph the view. Services along this stretch are limited to Green River and Thompson Springs.

La Sal Mountains, Utah at sunset.

La Sal Mountains in sunset colors.

Finally, sunset lit up the La Sals and some isolated clouds, and the rest of the drive would be in the dusk and the dark.

Photo locations: Emery and Grand Counties, eastern Utah.

© Copyright 2016 Stephen J. Krieg



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