Armstrong Canyon Ice


Frozen pool in lower Armstrong Canyon in January, at Natural Bridges.

I was hiking back down into White Canyon to revisit Kachina Natural Bridge in January. But first, a side trip: Up the lower reach of Armstrong Canyon, which joins White Canyon at the Bridge.


Ice falls at the nickpoint pour-off, lower Armstrong Canyon.

One can only walk a short ways up Armstrong there before their progress upstream is halted by a pour-off, an overhang that has a waterfall when the stream is flowing.


Ice falls and reflection, Armstrong Canyon.

This stretch of frozen stream bottom is an easy to get to, but still secluded, spot in the canyon. Usually you have it all to yourself.


Snowy stream banks, lower Armstrong Canyon.

The frozen pools along the way were a treasure trove of frozen patterns: ice crystals, under-ice air pockets, leaves frozen in the ice, partially melted ice over stones.

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Photo location: Natural Bridges National Monument, San Juan County, southeast Utah.

Copyright 2016 Stephen J. Krieg


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