Comb Ridge, Winter Sunset

It was late January and I was on Utah Highway 95 between Blanding and Natural Bridges. The approximate halfway point of that drive is the cut through Comb Ridge, and on this trip I was approaching it just as the sunset was only a few minutes away.

Comb Ridge’s western face is a sheer wall of Wingate sandstone that is about 90 miles long, running north to south from southern San Juan County, Utah across the San Juan River into the Navajo Nation lands in northern Arizona.

As with almost everywhere in southern Utah’s canyon country, you don’t have to care one bit about geology to be impressed by the endless variety of shapes and colors of the canyons, mesa, buttes and mountains. Especially at sunset time.

After crossing Comb Ridge from west to east, the last rays of sunset lit up the snowy peaks of the Abajo Mountains near Blanding.

Click on any image for a larger version.

Photo location: San Juan County, southeast Utah.

Copyright 2016 Stephen J. Krieg

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