Trout Lake and Telluride In Winter


Trout Lake, San Miguel County, Colorado. (Click on image for larger version).

Back up into the San Juan Mountains, this time with lots of snow on the ground. It may turn out to be a good year for snowpack.


Lizard Head Pass, San Miguel County line.

The highway crews have had their hands full simply keeping the roads open. Which means that a lot of turnouts that I’m used to make use of are unplowed, closed. And other sections of highway are posted “avalanche area, no stopping or standing” or “snow plow turnaround — no parking”.


Lizard Head Peak in winter.

So you do what you can where you can.

The mountain subdivision of Trout Lake looked amazing. My favorite little park on the lake was closed for winter, too. But with no traffic it was easy enough to pull over and climb atop a snowbank for a series of photos.


The park at Trout Lake, where I’d used the last lingering fall colors on that cottonwood tree for a number of shots in October.

Then it was down to Telluride. It was looking great, too. And not much traffic, here at the height of ski season. Though it was a weekday, but I don’t think that matters to serious ski bums.


Telluride, Colorado in winter.

© Copyright 2016 Stephen J. Krieg

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