Sipapu Natural Bridge Setting

Sipapu Bridge, Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah

Sipapu Bridge, Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah

Springtime in the high desert of the Colorado Plateau region means sunny, dry weather. The time between the snows of winter and the rains of summer.

And usually cloudless except for occasional high hazy clouds. Which I hate.

So when there were some cumulus clouds at Natural Bridges National Monument lately, I was glad to include them into the compositions in my camera’s viewfinder.

Halfway down the trail to Sipapu Bridge, sixth largest in the world and second largest in North America, is a very wide sandstone ledge that allows one to walk out comfortably and photograph the massive bridge in its entirety.

And in its setting. Because the Cedar Mesa Sandstone layer is very thick, and very cross bedded, because this was a vast area of sand dunes millions of years ago. Rather like today’s Sahara Desert.

I decided to convert this image to black and white. The puzzle of sandstone layers is complemented by the sky and clouds very nicely. And accented by the shadow of the bridge across its streambed at the bottom of White Canyon.

Photo location: Natural Bridges National Monument, San Juan County, southeast Utah.

© 2015 Stephen J. Krieg


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