January Full Moon

Sunset moonrise over Bear's Ears Buttes.

Sunset moonrise over Bear’s Ears Buttes.

Time for the Full Moon report, January 2015 edition.

It was a split decision. The evening before Full Moon was great, allowing me some wonderful shots here in Four Corners Canyon Country at sunset time. Though, being one day before Full Moon, it was already up somewhat higher in the sky than I would have liked. Thus requiring more wide angle landscape shots, making the moon much smaller in proportion.

Last sunset rays on the cliffs above White Canyon.

Last sunset rays on the cliffs above White Canyon.

Still, I used the evening to scout out new locations for the Main Event the following day. The rise of the Full Moon, at sunset. Though in the opposite direction. I hope that’s a given in your mind.

Driving my way down along White Canyon in southeast Utah, I enjoyed both the cliffs with the last red rays of the sun on them. Then, a few minutes later, the encore: the blue shad0w 0f the Earth, with the Venus Band of pink gradations above. And…supreme icing on this cake, the rise of the nearly full moon.

Moonrise at dusk, above White Canyon.

Moonrise at dusk, above White Canyon and Cheesebox Butte.

The old saying is to “make hay while the sun shines”. In this case, make photos while the light is right. Because tonight, the next day, the high clouds aced me out. No Full Moon moonrise shots. Making me even more glad that I hustled out there last night to get what I could.

Only one car passed by on the wonderfully lonesome highway while I was there. So peaceful.

Photo location: San Juan County, southeast Utah.

4 comments on “January Full Moon

  1. Thank you for your images of the Southwest…I grew up in Southern California, land of perpetual summer. We have been full time residents of Chino Valley for a a bit over a
    year (though part time vacationers for 30 years). I have enjoyed your chronicle of the seasons of northern Arizona, and my husband and I both look forward to your pictures of the landscapes of the country we love. I’m sure there are many who appreciate your work, even if you do not hear from them. Keep it up!


    • Thank you, Jamie. Chino Valley, and Prescott and the entire “In-between land” as I call it below the Coconino/Colorado Plateau and above the hot desert is a very special place, indeed. A friend that was visiting said it looked as if the Earth was slightly falling away on all sides. A nice description of such wide open country.


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