Canyon Cloud Shadow Mosaic

Grand Canyon from South Rim, summer thunderstorm

Summer rain, Grand Canyon

Cumulus clouds above, out of sight as I try to comprehend the patterns they break the sunlight into on the improbable canyons below.

My eye doesn’t know where to dwell. Or is it my mind, my brain? My soul hanging back, seeing what we might decide to appreciate at this time.

I don’t know enough yet to know much of anything, seemingly. I’m merely an artist, I think. Hoping to figure it out later. Betting on later.

Standing back after the photograph. Despite instant gratification technology, nothing really has changed. Not for the artist. Not really. Despite distractions, confusion, diversions.

He or she can always come back home. Must. Shrug the other shit off and get back to the real stuff. “Social” media? See where that gets you.

Meanwhile, back in the high desert, the sandstone and canyons and deer and cactus and Pinyon pine and Utah juniper care only for…those who care.

Because if you care for a place, don’t be surprised if it will take care of you, too.

Something to ponder.


3 comments on “Canyon Cloud Shadow Mosaic

  1. Thank you so much. The late summer monsoon thunderstorm season is special and beautiful there. And in this shot I look down on the silvery river so far below and remember that I’ve rafted it there, all the way through the Canyon.


  2. A mere replication of the true artist. However, a fine presentation of his work. You have a way of taking your audience there, and that is the allure of your given talent. Humility will get you everywhere . . . even with social media. That is your charm. Never lose it.


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