Cedar Mesa Sunset Cloud Bank Panorama

Cedar Mesa sunset panorama, Utah

Blue-black above, black below, gold in the middle. A sunset sandwich. [Click on image for much larger version].

Thanksgiving Day found me restless. The fifth of five days off, that’ll do it to almost anybody. I had spent two days camping up in the snowy San Juan Range in southwest Colorado. Now, back in San Juan County, Utah (lots of San Juans here in Four Corners Country, including the river) I was ready to be outside again, if only for half a day.

So I drove up Deer Flat Road. Never got all the way up to Deer Flat, but that was okay since I didn’t want to go that far anyway. I wanted to explore the area near the head of Deer Canyon. I liked that area the first time I saw it. Nobody out there, lots of wild country to explore.

On the way back out of there, just before sunset, I saw the colors shaping up. The clouds were just right: heavy clouds over the western horizon to reflect the sun’s colors just after it was below the horizon. But not so far “down” as to cut off the sunset completely. Moss Back Butte was on the skyline, about ten miles away. Plus some other high desert buttes and ridges that I haven’t been around long enough to identify yet.

A really wide bank of clouds, top notch. One super wide angle shot would not portray this. So I made a number of high resolution overlapping shots, then merged them to a giant panorama master file in Photoshop. Click on the image for a much larger version.

Photo location: Cedar Mesa, San Juan County, near Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah.


4 comments on “Cedar Mesa Sunset Cloud Bank Panorama

  1. Oh my goodness, Steve, you are such a good photo journalist that you truly transported me there. So very beautiful with such a contrast of color.


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