Navajo Bridge and Lees Ferry, Full Moon Evening

Image 2014_AZ-6729 © Stephen J. Krieg

River rafter launching from Lees Ferry, Colorado River, Arizona.

Back at one of my favorite places on Earth: Marble Canyon on the Arizona Strip in northwest Arizona. Grand Canyon Country north.

After another wonderful sunset time visit to nearby Lees Ferry, watching river running trips put in to the Colorado River to run Grand Canyon, I was anticipating the full moon rising over the Echo Cliffs to the east.

Amazingly, the azimuth (compass direction) that the full moon was rising this month allowed me to include it in shots of Navajo Bridge on the way out of Lees Ferry.

Image 2014_AZ-6858 © Stephen J. Krieg

Full moon rising over Echo Cliffs and Navajo Bridge, Marble Canyon, Arizona.

With the bridges so close in the foreground, the only way to include the moon in the scene was a very wide angle shot. The moon is thus made a small but important accent to the image. The star effect is from the small lens aperture, not any special effects filter or post processing tricks.

Photo Location: Marble Canyon, Coconino County, Arizona.

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