Sunflowers Summer Of 2010

San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff, Arizona

Combing through my photo files gives me a fresh perspective on them. What’s the best, what’s not.

But also to delve into some photos with the latest tools, like Adobe Lightroom 5. They keep tweaking the tools to make them more subtle, and thus more powerful for expressing a photographer’s mind’s eye.

In this photo taken northwest of Flagstaff, Arizona, I was savoring the mountain high country. Mountain peaks, warmth without sweating like a pig. Cool nights camping in the forest.

But that summer, the sunflowers exploded in force. Riotous. What caused that? The next summer, not so much. So I’m glad to have photos of it like this one.


2 comments on “Sunflowers Summer Of 2010

  1. Morning Steve, It was so wonderful to wake up and view your sunflowers with the mountains peaks. When I enlarged it on my computer, I envisioned looking out a window, at this breathtaking view. Flowers have been part of my life, since I was a little girl. They are beautiful in every way. When I followed the Hippie movement back in the early 70’s, heading up to San Francisco, I was labeled a “Flower Child”. You would always see flowers in my hair. They captivate me and bring me peace. Thank you for sharing this with me. It was a pick-me-up this morning after a sad good-bye to my co-workers, last night. Ellie


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