No Moonrise Today, Sorry.

Sunrise, Yavapai County, Arizona

Sunrise, Yavapai County, Arizona

I was a bit startled this morning when I opened The Photographer’s Ephemeris on my computer to check on the time of sunrise. The Ephemeris is a cool app (free for the desktop, small charge for smartphones and tablets: showing not only times of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset, but the compass direction (azimuth) that each occur at, from any location. Thus the savvy landscape photographer plans his/her shoots.

Photo Ephemeris map: no moonrise!

Photo Ephemeris map: no moonrise!

It has yellow and orange lines for the direction of sunrise and sunset, respectively. Light blue for moonrise, dark blue for moonset. But this morning: no light blue. What? And no moonrise time on the chart to the right of the aerial photo/map.

Why? Because the moon had already risen, about a half hour before midnight. So technically it rose yesterday, very late yesterday.

Photographer's Ephemeris chart

I knew the waning moon would not be worth shooting as part of a landscape scene again for a couple weeks anyhow, since we are at Last Quarter, midway between Full Moon and New Moon. I just like checking out sunrise times, etc. in the meantime.

The good news: tomorrow we’re back to two-a-days again, both moonrise and moonset.

And the sunrise this morning over the Black Hills of Arizona’s Yavapai County north of Prescott wasn’t bad, either.


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