May Showers

Rain Shower Clouds at Sunset, Arizona

The aroma of rain comes suddenly and deliciously in dry country.

It’s been a dry spring here in the central Arizona highlands of Yavapai County. So yesterday afternoon when I could suddenly smell the rain, I immediately looked outside. There it was, wetting the dusty ground. I’d eagerly watched the clouds all morning. Hoping for rain. In the afternoon I was rewarded not only with some mud on my shoes as I took a break outdoors, but a nice partial rainbow.

Near sunset time, the evening Golden Hour, I could see a rain shower in the distance, east toward the Black Hills. Even a bolt of silent lightning, too far away to hear the thunder. The escaping sun lit up the cloud tops. The Earth continues to slowly green here. It’s a great spring.

Photo location: Lonesome Valley and Little Chino Valley, north of Prescott in Yavapai County, Arizona.


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