Moonset, Beginning of the Day

Moonrise at dawn, Lonesome Valley, Arizona

The April Full Moon happened to occur precisely at 12:57 on Thursday. In other words, 1 PM, the middle of the day. Not very useful for taking evocative landscape moonrise photos, especially since it was only visible at the time on the other side of the world. By the time it had risen over the hills on my side of the globe it was well past dark.

But! That also meant that the only-slightly-past-full moon would set the following morning slightly after sunrise. When there was plenty of light. It would look just as full.

So I headed out at first light. Out the dusty Perkinsville Road from Chino Valley, into the north end of Lonesome Valley. I had a spot in mind that should provide a great view. Fortunately I was right this time. From the base of Nipple Butte I could look down on Was A Pair Butte, the valleys, and distant Granite Mountain all at once.

In this photo, sunrise is near enough that the Earth’s shadow is visible, making a lovely blue-to-magenta gradation. Soon I would also be to get shots and video of the first rays of the sun on the scene. Quite a beginning.

Photo location: Yavapai County, north of Prescott, Arizona.

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