The Heart of Lonesome Valley

Lonesome Valley, Yavapai County, Arizona

“But what if it has no heart?”, she said.

“That’s a risk we’re just going to have to take.”

I drove north from the town of Prescott Valley (not to be confused with the city of Prescott, though they sit side-by-side) on a glorious but cold April morning. Blue skies and lots of clouds, some of which had streamers of snow flurries hanging down from them.

Once past the new subdivisions, I became surrounded by even more open sky. Mountains to the west, south, and east; hills to the north. Miles and miles of mile-high prairie smack dab in the middle. I had found the heart of Lonesome Valley.

The locals don’t call it that, though. Maybe they’re no longer lonesome. Maybe they don’t use maps. Maybe Lonesome Valley is a mythical place.

If it isn’t yet, it will be when I get done with it.

Photo location: Yavapai County, Arizona.


4 comments on “The Heart of Lonesome Valley

  1. I love this write up that comes with the picture. It’s a great opening to a novel. I could do things with that. I’m sure you could, too. Who would the protagonist be? What is his quest? What happened to him that he is on this journey? You could do this up as an enhanced iBook, with embedded pictures and video. I can so easily see this playing out.

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    • I’m doing well, Annie, thanks. I’m especially enjoying watching spring slowly advance here in my new home area in the Central Arizona Highlands. It’s only fitting to be able to watch the complete seasons, starting with winter.


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