Grand Canyon: Palisades of the Desert

Photo: Palisades of the Desert, from Desert View, Grand Canyon

From the popular vista named Desert View on the East Rim of the South Rim (that’s not confusing, or anything) of Grand Canyon National Park, you can look upriver, upcanyon. The sheer cliffs in the foreground are the Palisades of the Desert.

What desert? The Painted Desert in the distance, most of which is on Navajo Nation land. It’s pretty flat out there, high and dry and austerely beautiful.

But anyway: Back to the Palisades. The various layers are nicely visible in this light. And the layers within the major layers. Being sedimentary rock, you don’t have to have an interest in geology to think about how all those layers were slowly deposited millions of years ago, then uplifted, and eroded by forces still in play today.

Photo location: Desert View, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.


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