Grandview Point Panorama, South Rim

Grandview Point panorama photo, South Rim, Grand Canyon

Grandview Point is one of the most popular viewpoints on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. Thus it gets pretty crowded.

However, it’s also the trailhead for the Grandview Trail down into the Canyon. Walking a short ways down this trail quickly takes you away from the crowd milling about at the vista.

The Grandview Trail is not one of the park’s main “corridor trails”, so it’s not regularly maintained or patrolled. Because of that, don’t go too far down unless you’re adequately prepared. The trail was originally built by miners to haul copper ore out of the Canyon from Grandview Mesa far below. Even a short ways down this trail and you will see why it was meant for trusty, surefooted pack mules!

This photo was made early in the morning. I had the good fortune of there being enough morning fog in the air to be burning off by the rising sun, giving a somewhat ethereal look to the scene.

It’s several shots merged into one high resolution panoramic image, so click on it for a much larger version, to give yourself an even better sense of being there.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.


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